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I haven’t told you this before, but I love essential oils.  They play a huge role in my life.  So I want to share a bit about my journey with essential oils.  When I joined doTERRA and started this business I had so many people telling me so many dreams that doTERRA has made come true.  They paid off all debts.  Some built or bought a house.  Others started a ministry.  Some of them even went to the moon….  Ok, so that one might be an exaggeration.  But still.  They were doing crazy, unbelievable, and amazingly wonderful things.

More often than not those stories inspire me.  They make me want to push harder, reach higher, and keep going no matter what!

Oil Bottle Image*Photo Credit:  Jill Winger of The Prairie Homestead

Other times though..  They can discourage me.  They can make me feel like there is something wrong with me because…  I haven’t made it yet.  Almost 3 years later and I haven’t made it yet.  Have I?

I’m not a Diamond in doTERRA.  I’m not debt free.  And I’m still renting a home rather than owning one….

But, I truly believe that I have made it.  And let me explain why.

When I started this doTERRA business I was hoping for grocery money.  I wanted to be able to feed my husband and children, that was it.

You see, we were looking at rough times, my husband and I came to the tough decision that he needed to leave his job so that he could get his master’s degree, and we could work on getting ahead and gaining financial independence rather than staying stuck where we were.

So we were going from a single income family to a no income family.

*Que doTERRA*

Meanwhile, I had found this blog while trying to help my daughter with her digestive issues and I heard the most amazing stories about these oils from this blogger who had found essential oils with power.  Power to help support weak bodies into becoming strong again.  So I saved up my birthday and Christmas money that year and I bought about $225 worth of different oils and blends of oils so that I could get a free Frankincense since everyone said so many wonderful things about it.

I didn’t really know what they were capable of, I just knew I needed hope that things could get better…   That things would get better.

So as I cracked open those first bottles of essential oil, the Breathe, On Guard, Frankincense, DigestZen, Citrus Bliss, Deep Blue, Serenity, Past Tense, and Slim & Sassy, and breathed in their aromas I searched for that hope I was longing for.

Hope that:

  • Breathe and On Guard would support our respiratory and immune systems through the rough Maine winters.
  • DigestZen to give my daughter some relief from her digestive discomfort.
  • Deep Blue to give my sore muscles and joints some relief, and Past Tense for relieving tension in my head and neck.
  • Then Slim & Sassy since I was postpartum, feeling overweight, and Citrus Bliss because I was sad and being invigorated sounded like a good plan.
  • Finally, Frankincense…  Well I wanted that because it was an oil worth almost $100 for free.  I’d figure out how to use it eventually, right?

I started using the oils, and amazing things started to happen.  We were getting stronger, and healthier.  We were feeling better!

It was wonderful to know that I had found something that I could do that would help my family, when so many times before I felt powerless.  Powerless to help support their little bodies.  Hopeless that I would ever be able to do something to bring them relief.

I had finally found hope.

I said “Yes”!

By now I was sharing the oils with family and friends.  Letting them know how awesome they were and how to use them every day to naturally support health and wellness.  That’s when I was approached about building a business.

Our first family photos paid for by doTERRA!

10661872_10101899614748669_333874698024668490_o*Photo credit: Angie Cousins Photography

I’d been down this path before, and I really wasn’t to keen about heading down the road again, but after hearing all the stories I had to give it a shot.  After all, my family needed something to help us make it through Sean’s master’s degree.

The rest was a whirlwind!  I agreed to build, I start learning more, teaching more, and sharing more.  I started leading a team of essential oils users and lovers like me, some of them I knew, some of them I had to get to know.

My team grew, my income grew, and pretty soon I was not only paying for our groceries, but the rest of our bills too!

But something was wrong right?  I wasn’t getting ahead!  I wasn’t paying off debt.  We were barely making ends meet…  Was this really the dream?

My doTERRA Dream

It may not look like everyone else’s yet, but my dream did come true.

In two years my team had grown enough to replace my husband’s lost income, provide for our needs during the time of transition, and support our family while my husband finished his degree.

WHAT A DREAM!  And doTERRA made that dream happen!

I stayed home with our children.

Earned an income doing something I loved and was passionate about.

I paid for my son to play hockey.IMG_2706

And I started traveling again!

All because I said yes to an unlikely business that God undoubtedly put in my path to bless our family during this time.  Am I a Diamond?  YES!  Just not yet in doTERRA’s eyes.  But I will be someday soon, Lord willing.

Someday this business will:

  • Take my family on vacations all over the world.
  • This business will pay off my student loans.
  • This business will help us buy our first family home where we can have dogs, and chickens, and room to have a small garden.

And I can’t wait for all the dreams I haven’t dreamed yet that this business will make come true.

What about you?  Do you have a dream?

A dream to care for your family using natural healthy alternatives as your frontline defense?                     (Click here to learn more about how to use essential oils!)

Do you dream about extra fun money?  Extra grocery money?  Or to leave welfare behind?                           (Click here to learn how to start your doTERRA business!)

How about a dream to stay home with your family rather than working behind a desk the rest of your life?

Or is your heart to start a ministry?  If only you could fund it…

Whatever your dream is, I’d love to see how doTERRA will help you attain your dream.

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