Get To Know Me On Our First Coffee Date!

Hey there!  Our first coffee date, how exciting!  I hope you have a hot cup of coffee in your hand as you sit down today.  I’m so glad you came, and I’m excited to get to know you!  To learn about you, your passions, your calling, and to help you confidently move towards them.

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Kierstin, I’m a daughter of the King, wife, mother, coffee lover, entrepreneur, worship leader, and champion of encouragement.

Here is a picture of me and my crazy family.

Photo Credit:  Jacklyn Barclay Photography

My wonderful husband Sean, a man of God and my best friend in this world.

My absolutely inspiring son Robert, he makes his way through this world with feelings that are so magnified…  So in tune.  He doesn’t miss a beat.  He’s also adorably direct and has a soul that is aged further than he is.

My wild and crazy daughter Gisele.  My Gigi.  She was not likely to make it into the world, but she had a spirit that just could not be stopped.  It still cannot be stopped.  She is a free spirit and endlessly stubborn…  Which she may or may not get from me, but she has a joy and energy that just ignites the room.

Then there’s me.

I have spent years trying to figure out who I am…  What was I called to do?  How could I make a positive impact in this world?  Shouldn’t I just focus on being a wife and mom?  Does God really want to use me?  Is God really calling me?  How could this HOT MESS of a woman be useful?  How can I know if the ache I have is a calling?

Maybe you’ve asked the same questions?  Wondered the same thoughts?

Well, it all changed back in January of 2016.  I was at a church class about finding my spiritual gifts.  I already knew a chunk of my gifts:  I am an optimist, an encourager, an inspirer, and I love empowering women to be the best versions of themselves.  But on that day God had plans to rock my world…  He was going to reveal a calling so big and so huge…  So beyond me that I spent a few months questioning and almost trying to convince myself that God would never call me to do that!

His Ability, My Availability

Slowly, surely, and gently as He (almost) always does, God made it clear that He was most definitely calling me to that scary God-sized calling that I never would have chosen in a million years.  He showed me how He had been faithfully preparing me for this calling my whole life and is now guiding me step by step into the fullness of His calling.

My calling is still taking shape, because it’s never been done quite like this before!  God and I have a lot of details to work out, but we are working them out together.

So I want to encourage you… If you have something that keeps you up at night, something on your heart that this world desperately needs, then pray for that calling and know that God has a unique plan for each of you and however big or small it is, it is your calling and your purpose in this world.

Still not sure that God would call you to that?  Send me your e-mail and get a free printable resource that affirms that God IS calling you.  Also, leave me a message telling me about you as well!  🙂  [activecampaign form=1]

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